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Investing in IT in the classroom

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According to recent figures, approximately a quarter of a billion pounds is spent each year on IT in schools in the UK. In an ever-changing world, constantly focused on creating and improving technology, it is certainly important to ensure our younger generations are technologically savvy. And what better way to do that than through the education system, where spend on software, hardware and technical support tops £65,000 per year in Secondary Schools alone.


Indeed, the future of the classroom has IT at its heart, and with new additions to the National Curriculum, this notion is strengthened. Whilst some may argue that traditional teaching methods can never be replaced by technology products, many believe that the extensive range of gadgets available to schools can in fact bring classrooms to life; creating a stimulating environment and providing limitless teaching resources and aids.


Partnered with an inspiring, engaging teacher, further IT integration can improve the learning experiences of children and young people. From learning to code, to understanding how to cope with cyber bullying, there is no denying that the curriculum is taking steps to ensure our young people are prepared for the online world.


With schools spending such a large amount of their budget on IT products and services each year, it is increasingly important for technology companies to have a dialogue with Head Teachers and their teams in order to showcase their products and communicate the benefits they can deliver in the classroom.


Here at JazzyMedia, we have a direct relationship with schools nationwide; reaching pupils, students, teachers and families. Not only do we reach these audiences within the school environment, through poster displays, handouts and experiential sampling and events, but we also reach a large population of teachers, including decision makers such as Head Teachers and Bursars, via direct email.


In 2014, we delivered a programme of email campaigns over the course of the year for Lenovo, in order to advertise their new Think Pad range to teachers. Their communications included a competition to win tablets for schools and received a fantastic response; with one email achieving an incredible 27% open rate and 7% click-through rate against an industry average of 17% and 5% respectively.


We are also proud to have partnered with vInspired and other not for profit organisations to raise awareness of cyber bullying amongst students and in particular those aged 11-16 years.


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