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Teaching Life Skills in the Classroom

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‘Will we ever need this?’ and ‘how can this be relevant?’ are questions often asked by secondary school pupils during their school day; and whilst it is true that young people benefit from receiving a broad education, it would seem that many feel that they are lacking essential information to help them prepare for life after school and impending adulthood.


Metro news online recently posted an article entitled ’14 Real-life Things We Should Have Been Taught in School’ which raised the importance of schools in preparing their pupils for adulthood, including knowing how to set up a bank account, writing a CV or cover letter, buying a house or car and changing a light bulb! All skills that many pupils believe they need to have acquired by the time they finish secondary school.EY main image


Financial awareness and understanding is definitely something that young people feel is missing from their education, but also, through our own research we know that many young people want information on the career options available to them. Indeed our research shows that almost half of young people don’t feel well informed enough about school leaver programmes and 66% feel they need more information about apprenticeships.


Through our exclusive network of over a thousand secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges we are able to directly reach close to a million pupils aged 11-19 and would welcome the opportunity to partner with companies, particular those in the banking, information technology, further education, apprenticeship and school leaver sectors to create and deliver communications which help young people feel better equipped for the future.


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