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JM Academic is the educational arm of JazzyMedia, an award winning agency with over 18 years experience.


Our services include consultancy, research and education programme development including production and execution through our exclusive network of nurseries, primary and secondary schools, sixth forms and FE colleges nationwide.


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[testimonial name=”Harry Harrison” gender=”male” company=”LEGO CITY Brand Manager” link=”” target=”_self”]LEGO CITY connects with children looking to build and role-play scenes based on every-day, recognisable sights and people. The fire safety activity sheets for schools have been developed in order to reach young children in a responsible and innovative fashion.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Teacher” gender=”female” company=”Dronfield Infant School” link=”” target=”_self”]Thank you for the wonderful [Change4Life] fun wheels that our class have very much enjoyed playing with this morning at school. The children are all keen to take theirs home and some on holiday to ensure that they keep fit and healthy over the summer.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Councillor David Actor” gender=”male” company=”Chair of Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Authority” link=”” target=”_self”]We’re always looking for innovative ways to reach young children and help spread the message of fire safety. This partnership is a fantastic example of that.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Accrington Academy” gender=”male” company=”Teacher” link=”” target=”_self”]Clear, good message from the government. Students are likely to ask questions regarding the [HPV] poster – ‘what is it all about?’ No one likes injections so this is a good poster to take away their fears.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Parent” gender=”female” company=”Hutton Cranswick Community Primary School” link=”” target=”_self”]It was a great idea and my son really enjoyed drawing his fire safety poster. I liked the educational stance to the activity and will look out for future competitions through my son’s school.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Teacher” gender=”male” company=”Broad Oak School ” link=”” target=”_self”]We are more than pleased with the Learn Direct bookmarks and we are keen to inform our pupils with all the options available in career planning.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Teacher” gender=”female” company=”Chilwell School ” link=”” target=”_self”]Students are interested in applying to Birmingham University – particularly as the poster mentions graduate level employment.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Parent” gender=”male” company=”Headley Park Primary School” link=”” target=”_self”]What a great idea to keep the children active this summer and give parents ideas.[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Teacher” gender=”female” company=”Brookfield Community School ” link=”” target=”_self”]The poster has sparked conversations about Birmingham University and Laura Mvula. The campaign has prompted students to research the university.[/testimonial]
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