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Teaching Life Skills in the Classroom

'Will we ever need this?' and 'how can this be relevant?' are questions often asked by secondary school pupils during their school day; and whilst it is true that young people benefit from receiving a broad education, it would seem that many feel that they are lacking essential information to help them prepare for life

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Alternatives to University with School Leaver Programmes and Apprenticeships

Our school leaver research identifies what students think about the different opportunities available to them including school leaver programmes and apprenticeships. The research also indicates how well informed the students are about the different paths and what they feel they need more of to make the best decision for them.   Here are some more of

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More School Leaver Research

Our school leaver research identifies what students think about going to university and what influences them to choose a university. It also reveals how they feel about the support and guidance they receive prior to making those decisions.   Here are some more of our latest school leaver research highlights.  

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School Leaver Research 2015

Recently, we researched student views on going to university. With the increase of tuition fees and the variety of career options available to young adults constantly in the media, it’s essential to understand their needs. As A-level results day is around the corner we thought what better way than to share our findings.   Here are

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Investing in IT in the classroom

According to recent figures, approximately a quarter of a billion pounds is spent each year on IT in schools in the UK. In an ever-changing world, constantly focused on creating and improving technology, it is certainly important to ensure our younger generations are technologically savvy. And what better way to do that than through the

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JM Academic at AGR Show & 2014 School Leaver Research

On the 18th March, the Association of Graduate Recruitment are holding their inaugural supplier trade show, bringing together a host of specialist companies in graduate recruitment with employer brands looking to engage and recruit young people leaving school and university.    With our background and experience in supporting universities, apprenticeship providers and a leading graduate

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Careers Advice in Schools

Following a round of Government spending cuts in 2011, Connexions, which provided free and impartial careers advice to 13-24 year olds, was left with significantly reduced capabilities, and many of its branches were closed. In April 2012 The National Careers Service was launched as an alternative provider of guidance for young people.   Accessed on-line

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